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5 Adventures in Cairns - Rainforest


So there’s no getting around it. You’ve heard all the rumours. Summers in the tropical north are a little warm. And they’re certainly a little steamy too, but it’s also the perfect time for shaking off, getting outside, and living life a little less ordinary. 

The ‘green season’ (as the locals call it) are very pretty... and greatly anticipated - who doesn’t love a bit of puddle stomping and waterfall chasing?. Weather-watching during summer is practically a sport up this way, with bookies and punters betting on everything including day, time and amount of water felled during a downpour.

No one can change the weather, so with true tropical North Queensland attitude, it’s best you make the most of your day, and enjoy the rain. However, you know when too much UNO indoors is enough, you know? So here’s five of our favourite rainy day activities to enjoy in the tropical Green Season.

1. Marvel at the Rainforest

Only one-hundred and thirty-odd million years in the making, the Wet Tropics is the oldest continuously surviving rainforest region in the world. Get your David Attenborough on and take a journey into the ancestral lands of the local Mandingalbay Yidinji Aboriginal people. Listen to cultural stories and understand the importance of the wet season to the ecosystems here in the tropics.

2. Indulge in a Massage 

There’s something quite luxurious about massages on holidays. Well, massages anytime, but especially massages on holidays in the tropics and the sounds of whales and pan flutes drifting you in and out of sleep. You with us? There are plenty of places in Cairns that will have you transported to a place of luxury only felt by those truly on holiday, so make sure you ask at reception for the perfect recommendations to feel completely absorbed in a cocoon of tranquillity.

3. Get Wild at Hartley’s Creek Crocodile Adventures

Pop on your raincoat and wellies and immerse yourself in Hartley’s lush rainforest environment and animals of the Wet Tropics. From enjoying breakfast with the koalas to boat cruises, and pole-feeding 4.5 metre crocodiles, a visit to this wildlife sanctuary is a perfect way to while away a wet ol’ day.

4. Better Where It’s Wetter

On the upside, it’s already wet. Snorkelling and diving on the reef is loads of fun whether it’s rainy or sunny, and the fish still come out in the rain! In fact, at this time of year, the Great Barrier Reef is phenomenal, with perfect water temperature and brilliant visibility. Channel your inner Catwoman (or cat burglar for the boys) and pop on your full length wetsuit (to protect from UV rays and any rogue stingers), and jump aboard any number of charter boats to the Outer Reef, searching for Nemo and his mates. An experience not to be missed.

5.    White Knuckles on White Water 

As the wet season picks up, so do the rapids! When it comes to adventure-seeking and adrenaline-chasing, white water rafting is where it’s at! Just south of Cairns is the thunderous Barron River, renowned for its wild rapids, rips and cascading waterfalls. Tee up a hot date between the team at Experience Co, the Barron River and big yellow floaty thing and take to the water, baby! It’s a helluva spot to see what Mother Nature can really do for fun.

*Images: Tourism Tropical North Queensland